This is a video feed from a bird feeder in my garden in Foyers, Inverness-shire, Scotland.

The video feed is replaced with a static image from half an hour before the sun goes down to half an hour before it rises again. This happens everyday, unless something breaks.

The garden is close to open ground and semi-natural woodland, so quite a diverse range of animal species visit, although some of the birds do not use the peanut feeder.

My favourite visitors to the feeder are not birds. They are the Red squirrels (Sciurus vulgaris) that live in the nearby woodlands. There are usually three or four different individuals visiting in the course of a passing season, some are young, some old. They come anytime during daylight. With patience, you should see one eventually.

I often leave the video stream playing in a corner of my monitor while I work. The Firefox browser is particularly useful for this, as it allows video to be detached from the web page, resized, and moved to another part of the screen.