A picture of Tim Lucas, the owner of tempofiesta.com
Yours truly, insouciantly leaning against the house on a sunny afternoon some time in 2021.


Seeing as this is my first post, I thought I would introduce myself and what I am trying to achieve here.

First things first, my name is Tim and I live in the small village of Foyers, which is just south of Inverness in the Scottish Highlands. Foyers is best known for it’s waterfall, I guess. It can be spectacular after heavy rain and one of the few waterfalls in the UK not to be a disappointment in the flesh. Unfortunately, most people come and visit on a dry day, when it is considerably less spectacular.

Anyway, I suppose I am here to blog about stuff like it’s 2010, or something.

Well, actually, I am here to learn how to use WordPress as I want to self-host my business website and this seemed like a decent way of practising. Also, I have been interested in working out how to stream a webcam from my garden to a WordPress page, so, unless I have given up in despair – or more likely, a lack of cheap bandwidth – you should find a link to this somewhere on these pages.

Last and by no means least, while I don’t use Facebook much, and would probably abandon it altogether if I didn’t need an account for my business page, I wanted somewhere to post about things I get up to every now and then. I am pretty bad for keeping in touch with people, so my infrequent posts here will simply have to suffice in that regard….. (friends and relatives, take note!)

Finally, I have disabled comments. Therefore, if you want to get in touch for any reason, it’s probably best to find me on Mastodon, where my username is @pocketlint.